Tania. Strathmore

I contacted Nicole Morgan at VPM and a number of In Home Care providers in May 20085, soon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Due to the seriousness of my illness, I required immediate surgery and subsequent therapies. Consequently I needed to secure a nanny to look after my two young children in a very short time frame. Whilst most of the I Home Care providers I contacted seemed compassionate enough, most did not have nannies available and consequently just wished me luck and provided no further information or assistance.

VPM were the only In Home Care provider that went out of their way to find the help that our family urgently needed at the time. Nicole’s response at that time was extremely compassionate and she assured us that she would find someone to help us before my hospitalization that week.

Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her; she took our desperate calls at all hours of the day and on weekends, and “she came to our rescue” and secured very suitable carers to look after our children. She has continued to provide us with invaluable assistance, now that I am undergoing chemotherapy, such as ensuring that temporary carers are available if a carer is unavailable die to illness, ensuring that the FAO paperwork is in order, etc….  Again Nicole provides an amazing service as she does not restrict her service to office hours and is always available to take our calls.

Nicole Morgan is extremely professional and provides an In Home Care service that is relevant, practical and most importantly compassionate. It is also obvious that the carers that she employs have a high regard for her as well and she is just as concerned about their welfare. I could not imagine a better person or organization to organize In Home Care on behalf of the FAO than Nicole / VPM.

Jo and John. Armadale

John and I have been really impressed not only by Catherine, our nanny, who is fabulous but also by the terrific service you have provided.  From the initial stage of discussing what we required, to Catherine’s commencement we have found you friendly, helpful, empathetic, really well informed, prompt in relying to us and thorough in your consideration of all the issues which needed to be discussed and sorted out.

You have also been great at being an advocate for both us and for Catherine which as been different to the experiences we have had previously. You have been patient in discussing issues to do with the FAO which we found complicated. Most importantly, you were able to find 2 great candidates for our position (which was a tough one to fill) in a short period of time and to negotiate a mutually beneficial situation for Catherine and for us.  Your help has been much appreciated!

Sarah F

Nicole, we would like to say a very heartfelt and grateful thank you. Your agency has been a backbone to our family. Having three children under the age of three and running our own business, you have effortlessly provided the care and assistance needed to nurture our children from babies to schoolies. Thank you for your advice; for the assurance and thought you have always given; and for what felt like your very real recognition of our circumstances and your efforts to assist. Our permanent nanny of two years and casual nannies over recent years; have always been of a superior standard. The smile in our children’s eyes and their happy, joyful ways is the ultimate testimony of the outstanding service you porovide. Many, many thanks – we happily sing recommendations of your services. – Sarah F